What Clients Have to Say

“My husband is currently executor of his Mom’s Trust/ Estate as she just passed away recently.…. he says that this experience with how incomplete his Mom’s trust is, makes him REALLY appreciate your firm’s attention to detail and DOGGED determination to get us organized to avoid probate.”

Muriel Robinette, Sanbornton, NH

“As a sixty something empty nester easing into retirement, I could no longer put off getting my affairs in order. After careful consideration I decided to work with Donald Sienkiewicz and his team at Estate Preservation & Planning in Amherst. I have known Donald for many years and our paths have crossed on occasion. I always considered him bright and more importantly one who gets to the point, simply and directly.

Establishing an estate plan is a significant undertaking. He laid out the process, the steps and the timeline. Their approach is thoughtful, detailed, and reasonable. I am very pleased with the results and just last week we had a family meeting where we introduced my Son and Daughter to the Plan and how it will all work and who they will be dealing with down the road.

I have entered into a retainer with Donald and his team, to keep the Plan up to date and tweaked as things evolve and change over time. I strongly recommend them.”

Bill Norton, Concord, New Hampshire. CRE, FMA, Hon NHAIA

“Donald’s work on our estate plans was thorough and professional throughout the process. His staff was friendly and they answered questions and returned phone calls promptly. Bigger is not always better. Estate Preservation & Planning Law Office was a good choice”

Kevin E., Amherst, NH

“Donald communicates professionally with a dash of wit thrown in. He listens well and asks questions to clarify. He does not give the air of someone rushing to get on to the next client. He strikes me as personable and thoughtful. I would recommend him.”

Sarah H., Amherst, NH

“Getting our wills done seemed like a daunting and complicated task. Donald Sienkiewicz is great. He explained all the ‘legalese’ and guided us towards what services were right for us. Don’t wait people! This is not something to put off. Having a plan is good for yourselves and for loved ones.”

Erin K., Nashua, NH