Studying hard in Germany…

neuschwanstein castle, bavaria, Germany

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends,

Every few years one ought to do something different to re-set and refresh.  I loved law school, and I married a German, so this summer we decided to spend six weeks in Germany. Katja and the kids get to visit Oma, Opa, Uncle Alexander and the cousins, and I get to study European Union and German economic law at the University of Augsburg Law School.

Donald Sienkiewicz studying

Here I am, doing the reading for my four hour (!!!) Monday class in the legal structure of the European Union (if you’ve ever wondered how Europe works, here’s a handy video) and the World Trade Organization. Today I sat in on a class in Entrepreneurship at the business school, and I’m starting an independent research paper on U.S. income taxation of “carried interests” (also known as “profits interests”) in private equity funds.

Fun, eh? But, I’m never too busy for your legal needs. If you have questions about trusts, wills, probate, or overseas estate planning, email me.

Best Regards,