How much will your Estate Plan cost your Heirs?

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Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends,

You’ve worked hard. You’ve saved. You’ve thought about insurance and investments carefully, so you will have enough to retire on and to leave something to your kids.

Then it happens: you, or your spouse, lose your mental ability to make financial or medical decisions, or one of you dies, and your estate plan kicks in. Will that plan – like so many we see – cost your heirs much more than you spent to put it in place, because it was the wrong plan, or incomplete, or out-of-date?

We call our unique, comprehensive process Estate PRESERVATION Planning – because what good is it to save a half-percent by buying no-load funds, when you have an estate plan that allows – or even requires – your loved ones to spend tens of thousands of dollars in order to inherit?

Our 2015 Seminar Series begins with our core presentation, Estate Preservation Planning 101, this Monday morning at the Milford, New Hampshire office (our teaching area only seats twelve, so email Amanda now to reserve a spot). Not sure what the difference is between a will and a trust? When should you use a revocable and when an irrevocable trust? What, really, is probate all about? What is a power of attorney? Why shouldn’t you add your child to the deed of your home? What taxes are you at risk of paying AFTER your death? And can a nursing home take your house away from your spouse?

Estate Preservation Planning 101 gives you the sometimes-surprising answers to these and other questions, so you’ll have the knowledge to spare your heirs unnecessary expense, worry, and regret. I look forward to seeing you there!


Best Regards,