Free Trusts for Five Veteran Families

Silhouette of Soldiers behind the american flag

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends,

Everyone with young children should have a revocable trust as the core of their estate plan. When tragedy strikes and takes one or both parents, a trust provides a legal vessel to hold the assets that will provide for those children, and puts them in the hands of a competent and caring trustee, without expensive, time-consuming and risky probate court involvement and supervision. However, the cost of trust planning is significant, so most middle-class Americans only come to it when they approach retirement.

In honor of our Veterans, their families, and their service to America, we will create free trust-based estate plans for the first five families of Iraq & Afghanistan-era Veterans who come see us as a result of this email. To take us up on this offer, you will need to provide a copy of the Veteran’s DD-214, complete our confidential client questionnaire, and meet one of our attorneys for a consultation on or before December 15, 2014.

This offer is intended as a service, in gratitude, for those Veterans with young children for whom cost is an obstacle to doing estate planning. Please forward this email using the link below to anyone you know for whom this is appropriate.


Best Regards,